4-5 Classroom

Welcome to the Fourth/Fifth Grade Classroom

 This class takes Uni Primary children to whole new level of sophistication with regard to inquiry, all things intellectual and academic, and the power of the individual learner in context of the collective learning community. The scientific approach of questioning, hypothesizing, data collecting, analyzing, reflecting, and disseminating a project topic is owned and initiated by scholars in this classroom community more independently than younger classrooms. Along with in-depth investigations and project studies, children are immersed in mathematics, literacy, drama, arts, science, social studies, and Spanish Language. This class thinks hard, works hard, and plays hard. Whether playing Kan Jam Frisbee (frisbee golf) outside during physical education, designing and building a Rube Goldberg Machine, writing grants for Watershed research, or buddying up with the younger students in a Science-Tech-Engineering-Arts-Math endeavor, this classroom community is "learning with serious delight."