Tuition & Fees 2019-2020

Application Fee                                                            


Preschool (8:30-12:00 Monday-Friday) $645.00/month
($5,805 for the year)

*OPTIONAL Extended Preschool Daily Fee (12:00-3:00 M-F)

*OPTIONAL Extended Preschool + After School (12:00-5:30 M-F)



Kindergarten-Fifth Grade (8:30-3:00 M-F)


 OPTIONAL  After School (3:00-5:30 M-F)

($8,775 for the year)



Additional Fees:

Materials Fee (per semester) includes school                         
supplies, book bag, most field trips, t-shirt
($360 for the year)
Insurance Fee (one time fee for the year) $3.25