Application Procedures

Underlying University Primary School practices is the understanding that all children have strengths and talents from which they express themselves. In Reggio Emilia, this idea is referred to as the "100 Languages."  At Uni Primary we continue to build upon best practice from the fields of gifted education, special education, early childhood, and elementary education. University Primary School infuses instructional strategies from these fields into an exemplary program, to provide opportunities for students to develop and to display their talents. It is a program where emphasis is placed on "optimizing learning," and engaging children's minds. At University Primary School, the goal is to maximize a child's full developmental potential while participating fully in a democratic classroom community.

To assess your child's strengths, as much information as possible will be collected to comprise an Individual Portfolio Profile for admission consideration. We truly enjoy reading these portfolios that include your hopes and goals for your children! When considering applicants, we first strive to make a philosophical match between that of the interested family and our program. We also balance the classrooms by age and gender. We strive to reflect our diverse world in terms of culture, ability, socio-economic status, race, religion, family formation, language, etc.

Overview of Application Policies and Procedures

The application process will be complete when all of the items below have been submitted electronically to: 

* Three Independent Work/Play Samples from child:

  1. A drawing or representation by the child of their family - May use any materials: paint, markers, crayons, pencil, etc. Required to accompany drawing for 3rd-5th grade applicants: Compose a short story about a memorable family moment (typed or handwritten.) Optional to accompany drawing for preK-2nd grade applicants: Ask your child to narrate his/her thoughts regarding the drawing of the family (parent can write). You or your child may "label" the drawing in order to more fully express the creation. 
  2. Photograph of independent construction/something "designed" and "constructed"- May be constructed out of blocks, legos, cardboard-tape, clay, toys, boxes, sand, etc. Or be an arrangement of dolls, cars, animals, etc. Constructed jewelry, baked good, etc. is also acceptable. What does your child "design" and "construct" from their imagination?
  3. Other- Parent or child's choice (i.e., sample of another drawing, transcript or recording of a conversation, story telling, photo of your child doing something they love, example of problem solving, etc.)

Placement decisions will be made by a Placement Committee comprised of University Primary School teachers and the Director. Families will be informed regarding first round placement decisions at the end of March. 

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