Preschool Classroom

Welcome to Uni Primary Preschool!

Our Preschool Classroom is an engaging, joyful space in which to play and learn. Children's sense of belonging and well-being is nurtured throughout the day in whole class, small group, and individual experiences both indoors and outside. We play for long periods outdoors enjoying and exploring nature, moving loose parts around our playground, hiking around and through a milk weed-filled field, and getting chummy with sand, water, and mud. From the moment children enter the classroom, change into their “inside shoes” and select a first activity, they begin to make friends, have ample time to talk, listen, share, and move their active young bodies.  Childhood is honored and respected as a time for exploration, constructing, observing, questioning, hypothesizing, experimenting, and making meaning from self-experiences and the world around us. At Uni Primary, we protect and promote children's right to childhood, right to play, and right to be themselves.

Our preschool teachers are warm, inquisitive, and creative. They love learning alongside the children and families in our classroom!

Our Preschool class typically includes children that are 3, 4, and 5 years old (before September 1). This room has a master head teacher,  co-teachers (often enrolled as graduate students at Illinois), Illinois pre-service teachers, as well as student and family volunteers. 

We have a 5-day a week preschool, with arrival between 8:20-8:40 AM each day (we follow a typical school year calendar). Dismissal is at NOON or children may stay for extended preschool NOON-3:00 PM, and an option for after school care from 3:00-5:30 PM.