K-1 Classroom

Welcome to Kindergarten / First Grade!

In the kindergarten/first grade classroom, children’s days are packed and brimming with peer interactions, time for quieter independent work and play, meaning-making, dialogue, choice, and social-emotional growth. Children transitioning to kindergarten from the University Primary School preschool classroom and from a home or preschool setting are supported by nurturing, kind teachers who believe children have a right to be co-creators of their own projects and curriculum. Teachers integrate and prepare a rich environment for stories and literacies, honoring the deep need for young children to be in relationship with their teachers, friends, objects, and learning.

A developmental approach is taken to assure students’ conceptual growth in literacy, mathematics, the arts, science, and social studies is appropriate and challenging. Students work with whole groups, small groups, partners, and as individuals with teachers throughout the day and use the Project Approach to investigate topics. The K-1st grade class has a master head teacher and a morning and afternoon co-teacher, along with student teachers from The College of Education.